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If you are considering a career as a pediatrician, one of the areas you will probably be most concerned with is salary. After all, you will be spending a minimum of 11 years after high school studying to become a doctor and it is only natural to look at both the job outlook as well as the potential salary that a pediatrician can expect to make.

We have created this website so that you are able to find all of the pediatrician salary information that you need. Whether if you are interested in a career as a pediatrician, or a if you're just curious and doing some research - we have all the information that you need.

Unfortunately, there are so many variables that it is difficult to pinpoint an exact figure. However, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is possible to get an estimated projection based on the most recent survey/statistics compiled in May 2009.

Basis for Statistical Analysis
The pediatrician salary as reported by the BLS takes into account several factors. First of all, the specific sector in which the doctor is employed must be considered as well as the state and the local area within a state. Figures for a general pediatrician salary do not take into account specializations such as surgeons or oncologists. As of May 2002, the analysis was based on a reported 29,460 general pediatricians practicing in the United States.

Low – Median – High Salaries
Taking into consideration that salaries will vary from location to location and within various sectors in which pediatricians are employed, the BLS reports that the low end of the spectrum has an annual wage of $84,840 while the median pediatrician salary was $116,370 and the high end came in at an average of $152,240. In terms of hourly wage this equates to $40.79, $55.95 and $73.19. Keep in mind that these are averages based on what was reported to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Pediatrician Salary by Sector
The area in which there is the greatest number of pediatricians is in the Office of Physicians where roughly 21,670 licensed pediatricians were practicing in 2009. The average hourly wage in that sector is $78.67 while the average annual salary was $163,360. The second largest concentration of pediatricians was in general medical and surgical hospitals where there were 4,560 employed at an average annual salary of $159,570. Next would be 1,240 general pediatricians employed in outpatient care centers who averaged $171,300 and 930 pediatricians employed by colleges, universities and professional schools with an average annual salary of $111,570. Finally, 360 specialty pediatricians in every area except psychiatry and substance abuse averaged $159,470 per year.

Because there are so many variables, it is extremely difficult to project an accurate pediatrician salary. However, it is possible to conclude that pediatricians with an area of specialty will realize the highest income. Also, it appears as if pediatricians in outpatient care centers make the highest salaries while the lowest paid general pediatrician salary would be in an educational setting. Keep in mind that these figures are based on statistics from 2009 and they could very well be plus or minus by a few percent. While a pediatrician doesn't have an annual salary to rival Donald Trump, he or she makes a good living in a rewarding career caring for our nation's future.

Pediatricians work with children who are almost always more prone to illness and sickness than any other age range. It can be a very challenging, but rewarding experience to be working in this field. They are trained very well to do what they do best and it is because of this that they are paid fairly well.

The education required to become a pediatrician tends to be long, tedious, and very time consuming. Applicants may find themselves going to college, university, and/or medical school for a very long time. However, when you finally graduate and get all of the requirements needed to perform in this career field - you will be greatly rewarded with a fantastic job! How Much Do Pediatrician's Make?

Most people always think that any kind of physician makes a six figure income from the start, but this is not always the case. If you have less than one year's experience with being a Pediatrician, then you may make an annual income of anywhere from $69,000 to $122,000. Which is very good money! But like most career fields - with more experience, you will be making much more money! In fact, with just 1-4 years experience - the average Pediatrician's salary ranges anywhere from $95,000 to $125,000. male pediatrician

If you are working in this career field for more than 4 years - expect to make much more! With over 20 years of experience - you may be making close to $200,000 per year! On top of that, the benefits are usually very good. Full health insurance for you and your family is extremely common to obtain when you're working as a Pediatrician.

You are doing the job that very few people have the skills or training to complete. It's a very rewarding and amazing job to help children with illnesses or other sicknesses that can require a wide depth of knowledge and skills!

How To Become a Pediatrician
If you are interested in becoming a Pediatrician, you are making a very good choice. Why? The benefits are very well, the salary is very good, and the experience you'll get working with children is unlike any other career. Education can cost a lot of money, so be sure to see if there are any Scholarships for Pediatrician's avaialble now. There usually always is so it's worth checking out. Pediatrician Schools is very expensive and some much needed help along the way can help a lot.